Getting fantastic results may be as simple as changing your thoughts and actions. The difference between success and failure could lie in your strategic objectives, your personal or professional goals. Training as a coach is one way to clarify those objectives and to step into facilitating those changes

Coaching is a profession. It has its distinct knowledge base, specific systems, and a core skillset. Training as a coach uncovers that knowledge base, explores those specific systems and develops the skills required to coach, and lead, effectively. Coaching is about managing change – for individuals, for teams and organisations, for whole communities and societies. Coaching is about getting the very best out of individuals. As coaches we become experts in the neuroscience of change.

Observing other people we can see what they do (their actions) and we can hear – from them – what they are thinking and feeling. As coaches we come to understand that all behaviour and opinions/assessments are based on how individuals think and how they feel. It also becomes clear that these thoughts and feelings are most often the product of a person’s underlying values and beliefs.

Change is challenging for human beings! When we can access our underlying beliefs and values we can begin to understand why we think, and feel, the way we do. Coaches become expert at supporting individuals and teams to access their own thinking and feeling, and at building the trust required to allow them to access, and understand, their own values and beliefs. When an individual changes the way the think they can choose to change the way they act.

Changing thoughts and actions can transform results. If you want something to be different you will need to begin with those thoughts and actions!

It’s about your strategic or personal/professional goals. If you’d like different results, and you’d like to understand how to consistently support others in getting different results – training as a coach is a brilliant way to get you started.