Coaching Super Vision

Coaching supervision is a reflective, collaborative dialogue which persistently builds the coach’s capability

Enabling you to become a better coach

What is Coaching Super Vision?

At Coaching Pacific we see it as Super Vision – offering the coach or team of coaches a safe and stimulating environment in which to uncover insights, build awareness and synthesise new knowledge and understandings. It’s a journey of discovery for safe practice, building capability, competence, confidence and courage. And it offers inspiration to be the optimum, best possible coach you can be!

Who is it for?

Coaching super vision benefits the coach, their clients and the organisations involved. 

Why do it?

Supervision has been required in other modalities for many years. At Coaching Pacific we believe that every coach will benefit from coaching supervision. We support the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) position of requiring coaches to be in supervision. And we support ICF’s (International Coach Federation) position of building the profile and the knowledge of the benefits of supervision for coaches.


How Coaching Pacific can help

In addition to training people in accredited professional coaching skills, we also ensure existing coaches can develop their skills further and unlock even more potential personally and with their clients.

Our coaching super vision programme comprises of the following elements:

Monthly group supervision in a virtual space

1:1 supervision both face to face and virtually

Training in supervision

Supervision of supervisors and trainers

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