Testimonials from participants of our Accredited Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate (EOCC) Training

Here at Coaching Pacific, we pride ourselves on being authentic and having integrity in everything we do, which is why it is important for us to hear from participants of our courses to understand what was most helpful to them and the benefits they received, as well as understanding how we can constantly improve the training we provide.

We are proud to share a range of testimonials from those with no coaching experience sharing the huge benefit adopting a coach approach will mean to them, to those already experienced in coaching and receiving the confidence and tools to expand their skills even further. If you would like to run an accredited coaching course with your people, or would like 1:1 coaching or Leadership training, please get in contact. 

What previous course participants have said

From ICT manager to company directors and teachers to existing coaches, we work with a range of people to train them in coaching skills and coaching accreditation. Our training programme offers huge benefits both personally and professionally, which some of our previous participants were more than happy to describe below.

Want to know more?

We work with people and organisations from a range of sectors all over the world, training them to become accredited coaches and improving their leadership abilities. If you are interested in working with the Coaching Pacific team or simply want to know more, please get in contact