Leading with impact: The power of Coaching Conversations

A 2-day course with 3 follow up webinars to develop your leadership capacity, understand how people learn and develop core coaching skills

What is Leading with impact?

The Leading with impact programme meets global best practice and will allow you to know yourself better, grow your awareness of others, distinguish your individual blocks – and move through them. Although, you may know what great leaders look like – this programme enables you to to become one; one conversation at a time.

Whether you are a manager, new leader or HR professional looking for some coach specific leadership training, or a coach seeking a refresher to amplify your training hours, this course is right for you!

Why should you do this programme?

The Leading with Impact programmer enables you to empower yourself and your people, by understanding what is happening when you or your people face difficult or challenging situations at work. You will learn how to diffuse these situations by applying your new knowledge of neuroscience with your enhanced communication skills. Throughout this programme you will work in depth on a layer of techniques, as well as dissecting and practicing your own real organisational scenarios to reach a level of mastery in Leadership.

What are the key benefits?

This course will enable you to become a leader who is adept at using a coaching approach as one of your leadership styles.

It will also make you a highly effective communicator by learning new communication skills to help you leverage and improve your team’s performance, your ability to influence and lead within the organisation, and your own confidence as a leader.

Programme Details

This 20 hour programme is delivered over 2 days face to face, with a support package delivered over the following 6 weeks via 3 online webinars

What is this programme for?

This programme is for experienced professionals who are interested in getting more from their people and developing the workplace relationships.

Participants can be as diverse as CEO’s, new leaders, and experienced leaders wanting more professional development and HR professionals.

Participants can also come from many different industry types – for example professional services, finance, health, education.

What topics are covered?
  • Coaching as a Leadership Competency
  • The Learning Journey
  • Principles for Powerful Communicators
  • 8 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators
  • Common areas for a coaching approach at work
  • Listening – completely
  • Speaking with Clarity
  • Clarifying, Permission, Acknowledgement, Questions
  • Coaching Conversation Cycle
  • Coaching Conversations Route
  • Coaching in Action; Processes of Change
  • The Emotional Response
  • Perspective
  • Five Focus Lens
What are the programme outcomes?

By the end of this programme you will:

  • Understand when to use a coaching approach
  • Understand the benefits for using powerful
  • Communication techniques in your own unique situation
  • Experience the positive impact of powerful communication techniques
  • Have a fool-proof pathway to follow when dealing with difficult people or situations
  • Be a skilled and powerful communicator
  • Be ready to lead with impact in your organisation

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