Advanced Coach Training

Inform and upskill leaders and existing coaches using fast track coaching knowledge and skill building

What does the Advanced Coach Training Course entail?

The Advanced Coach Training course is a three webinar series focussed on three key elements vital to coaching and leading a successful team, which include:

  1. Advanced Team Coaching
  2. Advanced Coaching Culture
  3. Feedback to Build Confidence and Empower the Team

From here we provide models and skills practice initiatives to support a deepening of participant’ skillset and awareness. We teach and demonstrate effective feedback conversation, as well as exploring robust coaching cultures and if applicable, measure participant’s own work cultures to support their strategising and planning for stronger outcomes.

We look again at the life cycle of teams, and work with participants on their own specific examples of team development. Participants will deepen their understanding of how to lead a successful and empowered team. They will develop understanding, skills and a strategic focus on their own coaching culture at work. This webinar series grows participants’ knowledge and skills as powerful facilitators of their team’s development.

Who is this course for?

This Advanced Coach Training Course is for:

Coaches (internal coaches, External executive coaches): Build your Personal Development (PD) hours, move closer to your ICF credential. Build your ability to meld theory with practical application and grow your skills

Leaders (CEs, Senior Leaders, identified talent, Managers, New Leaders): To support you in leading your team and growing your people. Build your practical real-life, real-time expertise to the next level of coaching and leadership

HR Professionals: Grow your expertise in developing people, gain new knowledge and insights. Develop sustainable outcomes within your team and across your organisation.

What will you learn?

Across the 3 webinars, you will learn how to:

  • Accelerate individual and team performance
  • Access best practice information on coaching culture, team development and effective feedback
  • Develop your understanding of engagement and success
  • Build your effectiveness with feedback
What you will be able to do

Upon completing this Advanced Coach Training course you will be able to:

  • Apply your advanced skills
  • Employ effective new practices for success with teams
  • Build, sustain or grow your coaching/learning culture
  • Build from your knowledge of theory to grow your team’s performance
  • Enumerate, illustrate and employ the power of feedback to motivate, encourage and grow team members

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