O.P.E.N Leadership Programme

A 1-day course that shows you how to discover and grow relationships to create successful collaboration. Here we forge new commitments, generate fresh ideas, encourage innovation and synergy; as you step into planning and actions. By the end of the programme, you will have a complete sense of what you have learned as you make agreements about next steps

What is O.P.E.N?

We live in an increasingly complex world, meeting and engaging with people from other cultures, with different contexts and experiences from our own. Effective relationships are the key to success for individuals, for employees, and for businesses and organisations. The O.P.E.N. tool offers a 4 step process to transform the way we create and build relationships.

O.P.E.N raises self-awareness, changes our perceptions; enables richer conversations, more collaboration and transformational innovation.O.P.E.N moves us through resistance, conflict and discomfort -raising our potential for engagement and productivity.

This interactive, experiential workshop demonstrates how to consciously develop stronger, more meaningful relationships everywhere in our lives. O.P.E.N is offered as a one day offering or can be delivered in-house for twelve+ people, with some follow up webinars to embed our learning.

    4 stages of the O.P.E.N model


    Stage 1:
    Here we consider who we are and ask ourselves what is our ‘normal’. We consider how well we know our boundaries, and begin to wonder how we might see beyond those boundaries. We may review our own Culture shocks. We complete this step clearer about our willingness to participate.

    Potential shared

    Stage 2:
    We now begin a process of discovery, which allows us to test new waters. We look at what will allow us to participate and be curious. We introduce some interesting neuroscience. And enquire into what we each routinely share or hold back. Do we usually respond or react? We learn about developing courage and building trust.


    Stage 3:
    Now it’s time to discuss commonalities and differences, and value-add-options. Here we consider allowing, accepting and/or embracing change. We look into specific elements of collaboration and we generate the confidence to engage.

    New possibilities

    Stage 4:
    Here we forge new commitments, generate fresh ideas, encourage innovation and synergy; as we step into planning and actions. We complete with a sense of what we have learned as we make agreements about next steps.

    Programme Details

    Who is this programme for?
    • Leaders at all levels interested in maximising the potential of their relationships
    • Organisations in a change management process
    • Organisations with a diversity of cultures amongst your people or your customers/clients
    • Teams wanting to maximise engagement and productivity
    • Those interested in transforming outcomes/relationships in their lives
    What does the programme involve?

    In this workshop you begin by observing, both yourselves and others. You will quietly explore your own thoughts and opinions, as you discover your personal and professional boundaries. Here you will begin to explore how you might move beyond those boundaries.

    Next you can declare your willingness to participate, to be curious about what the ‘other’ could bring to the table. Together we look at some simple neuroscience to gain an understanding of the things which you routinely share and the things which you routinely hold back. You will complete the workshop with an exploration stage – looking at commonalities and differences; and forging new commitments to genuine collaboration.

    What are the programme elements?

    The O.P.E.N programme comprises of a 1 day, face to face workshop, followed by 4 webinars. The 4 online webinars after the face to face workshop, allows sustainable practice options in your workplace to help develop your new thinking and skillsets.

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