Leading Teams to High Performance: the power of coaching conversations

  • Overview

    Develop your leaders as they work in an increasingly complex global market to nurture and grow high performing teams.

    Coaching principles, skills and competencies deliver an effective leadership template.

    When your leaders are leading teams to high performance, they will steady, grow and improve your organisational performance.

    This programme grows your leaders’ knowledge-base and leadership skills with teams; exploring global best practice (using the latest research), using real life examples from your working world.

    Coaches who work with teams (or wish to work with teams) can also build their knowledge here – what makes an effective, high-performing team, what do I need to know? What skills do I need to practice, to support me in stepping into/ or developing a growing mastery of team-coaching? How can I add value for my clients with Team Coaching?

  • Content and Outcome
    • Learn how successful teams operate – from respected research, experience on the day, and a catalogue of effective practices for being a great leader, or developing your coaching-leader approach
    • define different team types and the characteristics of high performing teams, including the benefits of high EI
    • get feedback, gather information, practice techniques, and uncover insights on your own performance
    • learn several useful tools for teams, including a “better set of questions”
    • access the ‘how-to’ of improved outcomes/performance with successful facilitation for successful teams

  • Who Should Attend?
    • Leaders and managers at any level in an organisation, business owners, HR professionals, coaches who are committed to enhancing their knowledge and skills to get the very best from teams. This programme is designed as a public offering for leaders and coaches. We can work with you to develop an in-house variation on this programme which works with where you are up to with coaching and engagement across your organization.
    • And coaches who wish to grow their knowledge and skillset in the Team Coaching sphere.
    • Please contact linley.rose@coachingpacific.com, mary.britton@coachingpacific.com or info@coachingpacific.com if you would like more information or an obligation free conversation about your leaders, teams or coaches.