At the heart of Coaching Pacific we hold the intention, and honour our commitment to collaborate with you towards your strategic success.  You are the expert in your business. We bring the international expertise in coaching principles and competencies. We believe in win/win. We will work with you to design customised in-house options for coaching, speaking, facilitating or training – which can all include your branding. Build you capability and your own best culture step by step. Try We Speak , We facilitate, We Train in-house

After years of training around the globe we understand that excellent trainers are as important as excellent programmes. We only work with the best trainers – with high integrity, excellent facilitation skills and student-success at the heart of their practice. We partner with extraordinary trainers, and coaches, to deliver our excellent programmes around the world. We are delighted to work alongside our extraordinary Global Associates and our excellent training team.

  • Global Associates

    We are proud and delighted to be working with Jenny Eddis in Perth, Australia and with Tracy Sinclair in UK and Europe.

  • Our Excellent Training Team

    We are delighted to introduce our excellent team of trainers. Their deep knowledge of coaching, of leadership and of human nature supports their wide ranging skills in facilitating your learning. Please meet:

    Gai Foskett, MCC
    Tia Chakravarty, PCC
    Linley Rose, MCC
    Mary Britton, ACC
    Andy Britton, ACC

    Join our training team?
    Exciting trainers without coaching credentials can train parts of our Leadership Curriculum. Your first step will be to participate in some of our training.

    Want to train alongside us on the EOCC? You will need to be a PCC – or well on your way to PCC. Contact us for more information. Register your interest here.

  • Associates Asia

    We loved offering our interactive workshop at the APAC conference (2014) in Seoul, Korea. It was our privilege to present our OPEN model to an international audience of coaches and leaders. We are delighted to be working through the ‘getting to know you better’ and ‘how to create win/win ’ conversations with Coaches, colleagues and friends around the region. Our valued colleagues in Mumbai too offered us a warm welcome in 2015.

    There’s a lot for us to learn about doing business in other countries, and there’s an investment to be made too. We’re keen to create, with our valued coaching and leadership colleagues, a series of successful collaborations.

    So, to all of our potential Asian associates, thank-you! And if we haven’t met you yet, and you’d like to be a part of this exploration, just get in touch? We are open to possibilities and new relationships. Register your interest here.

  • Associates around the Pacific

    Nau mai, haere mai a Coaching Pacific! We are open to meeting new associates from around the Pacific. We recommend that you attend one of our one day or two day workshops in New Zealand. Or, if you are committed to a career in Coaching, that you sign up to do our EOCC. (If there are a group of you we will sharpen our discounts, just get in touch.) Or invite us to speak, present to or train your group.
    Ka kite ano, Linley and Mary.