Who Is Coaching For

We Coach:

Individuals, teams and groups, managers, new leaders, CEs, senior leaders. We understand strategic delivery and we coach to develop both your quality thinking and your ability to reflect, reframe and respond. We uphold the ICF code of ethics.
Coaching Pacific coaches bring global best practice to your leadership and your teams.

Coaching Pacific-Who is Coaching For


Growing your talented people; working through development plans following Organisational Feedback (like a 360), and consider your Career transitions, interviews, professional development, and planning.

Teams and Groups

Begin by understanding the difference, focus on agreed outcomes, roles and responsibilities. Create a new team, re-create an existing team or group. Your coach keeps the conversations focussed at the high level which will deliver your strategic objectives. Or consider our one day training to grow your own group and team leaders.

Coaching Pacific-Who is Coaching For

Coaching Pacific-Who is Coaching For


Your managers lead the teams of people in your organisation “making it all happen every day”. They are often working through the latest change initiatives. Coaching supports their quality thinking and actions.

New Leaders

New leaders often have a lot to learn. New relationships, responsibilities and commitments can challenge self-knowledge and confidence. Coaching Pacific enables self-reflection, and new action in identifying what is already done well and key areas for improvement.

Coaching Pacific-Who is Coaching For

Coaching Pacific-Who is Coaching For

CE's, Directors, Senior Leaders

Your coach will test and challenge your thinking, providing a sounding board for your visioning and planning; and bringing powerful listening for your potential. Your coach offers an independent view - bringing fresh insight to your unique, complex problems. Best practice for modern leaders requires the coaching skillset. Our EOCC offers a fast track to self awareness, an understanding of the neuroscience of leadership and a coaching skillset which invites, supports and sustains engagement.