in     by Mary Britton 30-09-2016

Do you ask yourself "How can I be a better leader?"

When I coach leaders this involves listening to stories about leadership habits . You're a leader – and I'm confident that you mean well and you want to do a good job. You want your actions to have good outcomes to bring success to your team and your organisation.

But some habits – habits of action or habits of thinking simply don't work

Have you ever met a leader who fears looking weak? Who deliberately keeps team members in a state of uncertainty? Who gives lots of feedback, which is actually criticism, but will not take feedback from others? Are you a leader who uses fear to motivate? Or who makes matters worse by not facing difficult conversations? Do you make important decisions too quickly without considering what your team members think?

The good news is
That you CAN change your habits.
You can start today.

Here are ten ground rules for being a better leader and great  leadership which offer some insight to get you started!

1. Listen at least twice as much as you talk. Use the WAIT acronym and ask yourself:

2. Listen without an agenda – as if your task is to understand what's being said

3. Speak succinctly – for clarity

4. Speak clearly – leaving no ambiguity

5. Speak generously – so that you are willing to share something of yourself

6. Acknowledge the good ideas you hear from others

7. Show gratitude – and use the words ‘thank-you’ often

8. Be curious – what else would you like to know?

9. Make time to reflect and to generate fresh thinking (leave space in your diary every day)

10. Believe in the talents and strengths of those around you – collaboration wins almost every race

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