Coaching Pacific’s one day - SHAPE your Confident Leadership.

Overview: The quality of our leadership rests on our awareness of ourselves, and of others - especially those in our teams. Great leaders notice what goes on around them, they are connected to their world. They exhibit high interpersonal trust. Understanding people within your teams - their intrinsic needs and motivators, will help you, as leaders, to SHAPE successful teams.

The Science: Neuroscience research reinforces what's important in leadership development; especially with evidence of what works is effective in people leadership skills. This evidence supports the concept that our brains are social brains. Human beings have intrinsic social drivers which allow us to operate at our best. As unique individuals we demonstrate, and require these social drivers differently. Recent research brings new levels of understanding to motivation, engagement, collaboration and influencing - all known factors in high performance. Understanding the practicalities of each person’s social drivers will allow your leadership team to develop and maintain high degrees of satisfaction, confidence and success with the people they interact with - including your key customers and clients.

The Workshop: Our deep exploration of these social drivers -Status, Having a choice, Affiliation, Predictability and Equity (SHAPE) - offers insightful and energising training that will SHAPE your approach to leadership. In this SHAPE workshop you will use yourself as the example, coming to an understanding of how these intrinsic motivators work for you. You will then extend that understanding to include how these motivators impact your team members.

We include 2 hours of follow-up training to embed your learning in your real-life, real-time leadership roles.

Content and Outcomes

  • We begin by ‘mapping’ Status, Having a choice, Affiliation, Predictability and Equity to your own workplace
  • Move on to develop your social leadership as you assess your individual relationship to each aspect of SHAPE; discovering what causes your positive/negative responses for each social driver
  • And discover how positive responses are required for learning and sustaining success
  • We also learn how empathy, trust, presence and generosity are vital to your leadership. We work on how to develop these characteristics
  • Plus how to help people belong, the impacts of reciprocity and of your self-critical thoughts
  • Building towards an understanding of the fundamental linkage between your ability to be connected, interested and willing AND your team’s ability to collaborate, take risks and succeed with change management

Who should attend? Leaders and managers who are committed to enhancing their knowledge and skills to get the best from themselves and their teams. This is designed as a public offering for leaders and is also offered as an in-house offering for a group (12+) of your managers/leaders.

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