When is the next programme? Starts September 2019 / March 2020 - see dates

What are Coaching Pacifc’s Vision and objectives for the EOCC?
Our vision is to build coaching capability, developing new levels of self-awareness and self-responsibility to coaches, organisations, coachees, colleagues and clients - resulting in more satisfying and productive lives.
Our objectives are that you complete the programme as a well-trained and competent coach, who understands and applies the Ethics and Professional Standards of coaching; with well developed self-awareness and self-responsibility.

What are the biggest take-aways from this programme?
You will learn to coach both formally and informally and be able to apply these skills as a professional coach or as a leader. You will earn a Coaching Pacific Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate. You will take away a skill set and an ability to deepen and improve all of your functional relationships – with coachees, clients, colleagues and leaders. You will improve your understanding of yourself and you will know yourself better as a learner. You will have a deepened level of understanding of all aspects of change at a personal, professional and organisational level.

And everyone is different! You will define your own intentions for the programme, which will include your definitions of a successful training for you. The coaching skill set includes a mastery of communication skills; your listening will deepen, your speaking will become clearer, more committed and succinct. You will learn and experience the benefits of empowering your coachees to become solutions focused and more self-directed.

How many hours of the EOCC are student/trainer contact hours?
Student/Trainer contact hours are 54 hours. The programme offers 67.5 hours in total which can be counted when using the ACSTH pathway for credentialing with ICF. We appreciate that working your way through the credentialing process can raise questions and we are always happy to answer these for our participants.

What is the EOCC based on?
It uses the International Coach Federation Core Competency framework as a backbone, and uses aspects from positive psychology and neuroscience to bring all of the simple models and Competencies alive. It is also based on our years of successfully coaching people within organisations, the experience training leaders as coaches and career executive coaches.

What value is the Coaching Pacific Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate to me?
We are credible vastly experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators. Linley is an International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach, and Assessor. Check out our bios for more details. This is an internationally approved programme, the first homegrown programme in New Zealand to attain this status.

What are the benefits to me of this focus on ICF?
The ICF is the largest coach membership organisation in the world (21,000 + members). ICF has a long established code of ethics and practice and it maintains a rigorous and well respected credentialing programme. ICF is actively building professional and collaborative relationships with other large coaching membership organisations as the profession of Coaching builds momentum as a recognised professional industry. Have a look on www.coachfederation.org

Can I complete the programme in less time because I am experienced?
We have worked with a number of very experienced coaches. As a coach you will know that as we achieve mastery of skills and processes we uncover the next rung of a ladder of excellence which opens us up as learners again and invites us to learn more, get better, and find the next level. We will work with you from wherever you are already up to. Our feedback will be robust, challenging and supportive of your best possible outcomes.

What else is required to obtain my ACC credential from ICF?
The other requirements for ACC are 10 hours of Mentor Coaching, 100 logged hours of actual coaching and the successful completion of an online Coach Knowledge Assessment test. We expect that with commitment, planning and focus you can achieve this within 12 months. We are here to support you on this journey. We provide the Mentor Coaching to support you on this as a separate programme.