in     by Mary Britton 13-10-2016

How do you create O.P.E.N pathways to engagement using a coaching approach?

Do your clients worry about engagement?
Are they working within organisations who understand that there is something to manage, stimulate, build and sustain – called engagement?

Then it's likely that they know what it's all about. It's all about finding, keeping, nurturing, developing, encouraging and sustaining people. People who care. People who are effective. Because they bring their ‘best game’ to work.

So how does a coach support this knowledge? How can a coach enable the processes of engagement at work? There are many different ways, and for today I'd like to focus on growing the willingness and ability to collaborate.

According to Daniel Pink’s book “Drive” human beings are essentially motivated by the drives for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. A working environment which encourages only competition will pit people one against the other, causing teams to be secretive and siloed in their thinking, strategising and behaviour. Collaboration can challenge all that. Coaching Pacific’s O.P.E.N model uncovers both the process and the pathway to increased collaboration.

Using O.P.E.N people can discover their own “collaboration quotient”. A coach might support this discovery with a few powerful questions:
1. How collaborative are you?
2. How do you know?
3. Which of your skills and talents do you usually share when invited to collaborate?
4. Which do you keep secret?
5. Do you share your passions or enthusiasms in work projects?
6. What might you need to give up to fully engage?

As we each consider these questions we can reflect on, develop and sustain our ability to collaborate – improving trust and rapport and growing the team’s ability to move more swiftly towards desired results. And it works even better with an experienced coach or coaching leader driving the O.P.E.N agenda!

If you'd like more on O.P.E.N Coaching Pacific's Linley Rose and Mary Britton are presenting a workshop at the ICFA Unlocking Potential Conference in Brisbane 26th to 28th October 2016.

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