in     by Mary Britton 24-09-2016

We are designing the training you desire as a Coach -  Welcome to our survey opportunity!

We want to know what YOU would most like to see in advanced coach training as you GROW your practice and your professional standing as a coach. Have you always wanted to know more about neuroscience, for example, or positive psychology? Are you keen to deepen your understanding of the processes which move your clients to insight? And from insight into the momentum of action to change their results? Whatever your ‘wishlist’ may be we would like to know and we’d like your help to feedback on this in our survey please. It will help us all understand ourselves and our fellow coaches better – and it will help us to design the best ever training options for you and other coaches around the globe.

This is an exciting beginning for Coaching Pacific as we invest in the tools which will support us in better understanding your Coach training needs. We’re embarking on this research to discover what you would most like to learn and a find out a little bit about who you are - specifically what you are doing as a coach so that we can build a ‘tribe’ of coaches and continue to increase the profile of our profession. We are keen to keep learning and improving in the service of our clients so thanks for being a part of this with us!

If you would like to connect directly with Coaching Pacific for a 1:1 discussion on your own training needs, on supervision, mentoring or on finding a great coach just email us on – we are always pleased to hear from you.