Mary Britton



Mary Britton


Co-founder and Director of Coaching Pacific Ltd; Co- creator of Coach and Leadership training programmes –“ Executive & Organisational Coaching Certificate” (ACSTH approved by ICF), “Leading Teams”, “Leading with lmpact”, “O.P.E.N”., “SHAPE”.

Mary has delivered public and in-house coach training, and leadership development training for Coaching Pacific Ltd, Cause Ltd and for Results Coaching Systems (now NLG) in New Zealand, Australia and UK. Mary has spoken at global Coaching conferences (Korea 2014, APAC, World Coaching Congress, Mumbai 2015, London HR Advisors conference, 2017).

Mary is a professional facilitator of vision, strategy, values, planning and development for individuals, group and communities. Mary is a trustee with Te Puna O Te Ao Marama Trust - promoting mana Maori and te reo maori learning using Te Ataarangi methods. Mary has recently formalised her coaching supervision study and research with a diploma from Barefoot Coaching in the UK. She is also a Director and founder of a new Coaching development company currently piloting a programme for the Health Sector in the UK.

Mary lives at Matapouri with her husband, Andy. Mary’s joy in business lives in the ‘aha’ moments of her clients and training participants and in the strength and magic of her key relationships with the Coaching Pacific team.