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Lisa Mullions

Lisa is a people work and culture coach who through her portfolio of work and projects strategically maps individual capacity and supports capability development for all people.

Lisa has a Masters degree in People and Employment (AUT University), is a practitioner of the Map of Meaning (meaningful work and life) and is Alumni of Coaching Pacific completing the EOCC programme in 2014 and looking to attain her first ACC credential in 2017. Lisa’s strengths are her ability to coach people through employment contexts to outcomes of personal power, navigation of complex and difficult employment power relations issues, self-leadership development and the championing of owning one’s capacity and capabilities through the identification and experience of the full self.

Lisa is a futurist and considers herself a strategist and an avid continuous learner attending, co creating and co-promoting development work that supports others. Lisa practices mindfulness, is a spiritual seeker, a creative advocate and dances for healing and wellbeing. Lisa is passionate about social justice issues and supports many causes in her voluntary work for disenfranchised members of communities particularly around employment and power imbalance contexts. Lisa lives in Auckland, New Zealand and has three gorgeous children who inspire her to live intentionally and always with aroha.