When is the next programme? Starts September 2018/March 2019– see dates

Only NZ company with ICF ACSTH status – Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

Introductory Webinar
We introduce you to your trainers, answer your questions, and consider where coaching fits into the leadership landscape. The purpose of this session is to get logistics handled so that we can move straight into content and learning from the beginning of Live Day 1.

EOCC Live Day 1
We start with getting to know you - ensuring you are ready to begin. Then it’s learning tips, defining coaching and an entertaining video. Your trainers demonstrate coaching, and you have a chance to try coaching for yourself before lunch. All of your coaching practices will be relevant to your unique situation. After lunch we look at the core principles of coaching, the habits of effective coaches, and the foundations of coaching. Followed by communication skills – beginning with listening; then speaking with clarity - offering you three things to include every time you speak. We complete with an introduction to all aspects of clarifying, and leave with an overnight assignment.

EOCC Live day 2
We begin with an energising review of Live Day 1, then get back to communication skills. Today we move more deeply into speaking with clarity; we incorporate all aspects of clarifying and then we cover permission, feedback, acknowledgement and questions - with many practical exercises using relevant-to-you scenarios. We introduce the Coaching Conversation Cycle and you bring all your communication skills together in your own practice, as your trainers begin observing your coaching in our Competency Observation process. You will receive individual feedback, verbally and in writing. These are followed by more trainer demonstrations, more practice in pairs and small groups, plus a pertinent video. We consider practical acknowledgement. And begin the Coaching Conversations Route. We complete the day with your overnight assignment.

EOCC Live Day 3
We begin with the review and your questions. Now we work on the complete structure for whole coaching conversations. You will use both your developed communication skills and the Coaching Conversation Cycle, within the Coaching Conversations Route. Introducing SMARTER and PURE goals. We cover Creating Actions and Reviewing Actions so that you leave the Live Days ready to go out and coach. We look together at connect and coach opportunities; and use a video which will inspire you into an individual challenge to work on in your coaching exchanges. We offer more demonstrations, build up your own practice, and help you utilize development observations from your trainers. We complete the day with your overnight assignment. After EOCC live Day 3 we begin a series of weekly webinars all of 1 hour duration. Each webinar includes a Review and Reflect component followed by the introduction of new material. All webinars will have fieldwork (assignments) that give you up to one hour of work to complete, sometimes with your course buddy, and sometimes with coaches and colleagues.

After live Day 3 we move into a series of weekly webinars all of 1 hour duration.  An important feature of all webinars is a Review and Reflect component at the beginning of each session followed by the introduction of new material. All webinars will have assignments (homework) that give you up to one hour of work to complete, often with your course buddy.

Introduction to Formal Coaching. Defining a coaching series, structures which work, the purpose of agreements, and how to introduce coaching.

Generating Goals Part 1. Here we offer some clear processes for goal setting; and explore some of the important neuroscience of motivation.

Generating Goals Part 2. Generating goals can be complex so we dedicate 2 webinars to ensuring you have a robust process. This session we focus on Establishing Accountabilities.

Positioning for Success/ Introductory Session and Generating Goals Session. Adding some extra tools into your coaching toolkit, you are ready to experiment with practical ways to position and manage each element of both Introductory and Generating Goals sessions.

Accelerator Sessions. These are the sessions in a coaching series which follow the Goal Generating session. Now you learn all aspects of the processes that allow your coachees to successfully work towards their chosen goals.

Processes of Change. We introduce, explore, and completely understand two core change processes. These will grow your ability to propel your client forward.

Strengthen your Skills. We haven’t heard you coach for a while. This session will focus on hearing many of you coaching one of the training team, and getting some feedback.

Amplify your Understanding. Now we start on advanced theory and skills. We help you apply a little knowledge about how your brain works and the impact of your emotions on your thinking and behaviour. Here you can reflect on and develop yourself as a coach/leader.

A Coach’s Perspective. Consider some new ways of seeing things. We introduce you to perspective, clarity and focus techniques that you can use for yourself, and introduce to your coachees/clients.

Developing Self-awareness. A natural follow on from helping see other perspectives is the development of your self-awareness. This is a cornerstone competency of coaching. We look at why self- awareness is critical in the development pathway; consider the benefits of self-awareness, and share some tools and methods that will assist you.

Team Coaching. We understand what a team is, explore different types of teams, learn or review the stages of team development, and focus on the methods and skills required to coach a team.

Performance and Development Coaching. Here we look at the variety of ways to apply coaching in organisations. We consider typical situations, and the sorts of questions that work in different situations. By this stage you will have developed a very strong coaching competency.

EOCC Live day 4
We come back together to add the polish to everything you need to know to be a successful Coaching Leader or Executive and Organisational coach. We begin with a review and question time. The focus today is fourfold: 1. Formal feedback tools (eg 360 degree tools). 2. Developing a coaching culture within organisations. 3. Establishing Return on Investment; and 4, formally completing a coaching series. WE complete our day together by acknowledging and celebrating your success with a Certificate awarding ceremony.

EOCC Supervision and Support webinars 1 and 2
We are committed to your continuous improvement as a coach; and Supervision allows you to bring your coaching back into the safe space of your EOCC group to look at what is working, what could be better; to consider your self-awareness, and monitor for anything which may be getting in the way of your excellent coaching. These two webinars, one per month, will monitor your success, and assist you to iron out any challenges you may be having. We use both coaching and teaching in these sessions.